By Guest Writer: Mugabi Patsy

Could you possibly imagine that a January without financial worry or stress could exist? One where you kick start your journey of financial independence and actually secure the bag? especially after what 2019 Detty December had to offer us. From the festivities to parte after parte memories and making merry. The aftermath of the long holiday enjoyments has slowly kicked in and it really shows with and in our wallets! But not to worry, this article has 5 great tips to help you ball on a budget or rather survive January.

Kiss Your 2019 Debt goodbye

If you are in the habit of taking credit in form of loans or credit cards, you need to plan to tackle the debt early lest history repeats itself in 2020.You should consider clearing all pending debts before taking on more debt to have a solid foundation in your financial independence journey.

Pay Yourself First

For any income that comes to you, even from your side hustle, you need to start paying yourself first before spending it on enjoyment ku enjoyment. It is a motivating factor to survive financial stress and kick out all this Janu-worry.

Have Savings Goals

If you have not already jumped onto the 52-week-savings challenge wagon, there’s no better time to do this than now. There are several resources that empower you to be financially independent January to January. Try out the 52-week savings challenge and vet if you won’t be able to achieve your goals. But, these goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound.

Create a SMART Budget

A budget isn’t a constraint to your fun, it is an enabler. This means all the fun you indulge in shouldn’t hold you back from the unending enjoyment plans. If anything , budgets give you  a clearer perspective on tracking your expenses and cutting back on all the unnecessary stuff.

Get a financial accountability partner

Having like minded people who share the vision of financial independence are detrimental to achieving a balance between living in the moment and saving for the future.

On that note, dial *157# to ball on the most budget friendly bundles and survive the Janu-worry blues.


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