Happening from 6th September up to 9th September is one of the, if not the best music festival in Uganda that over the years, has attracted more than one thousand people from different regions and countries to the Nile discovery resort, a succulent forest on the banks of river Nile in jinja district for a four day fun filled holiday from the time when it was launched in Uganda in 2015.

The Nyege Nyege festival earlier this year got MTN Uganda on board as its partner which saw the initial trade name being changed to now what is called MTN Nyege Nyege festival.

This year’s festival will have over 200 musicians from more than 30 countries performing on 5 stages at the forested Nile discovery beach in jinja as it will feature the best of traditional troupes in an idyllic acoustic setting, a move to enable pleasure seekers to experience the latest and various trends in music from across the world.

On how to be part of the fully packed festival this year, the MTN Nyege Nyege festival tickets are now on discount at Ushs 130,000 when purchased using the mobile money option, whereas tickets can still be bought at Ushs 150,000 each on the opening day of the event.

Most importantly, it should be noted that there is accommodation for the four days party to the party animals who want to feel the full ambience of the nonstop festival which includes a camping tent and a mattress according to the booking procedure one decides to choose in order to experience a respectful and a joyful turn up for the finest festival.

Watch this stirring clip from the previous Nyege Nyege festival here.


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