Pulse Hustler: “I am inspired by my desire to inform and be informed” Meet Mugibson, a Committed blogger, Content creator and Influencer

Latest News | 2021-07-08

Commonly known as Mugibson, today’s pulse hustler is like no other. He is dedicated and passionate at his dexterity. We caught up with this admirable jack of all trades and master of all his craft to know more about what he does and what interests him.

Tell us about who you are.

I’m Mugisha Patrick, however I prefer to go by Mugisha because I’m anti colonialism and Patrick is a foreign name. I have attended about three schools my entire life time. I did Nursery & Primary school from Amka Classic School, my O’level at Bishop Cypriano Kihangire in Bbina, and A’level at Katikamu SDA. I am currently pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Marketing at Makerere University Business School.

How old is Mugisha?

Many people are usually shocked when I mention this but I am actually 22 years old. Some people doubt because they say I do or know too much for a 22-year-old.

What do you do for work?

I like to refer to myself as the man of all seasons because I can do it all for as long as it’s decent and it can earn me money. But in a nutshell, I am a blogger, a news editor at The Brink News, a social media influencer. I also create content most especially in the line of music. I also do a lot of publicist work in line of entertainment and lifestyle. This is in terms of marketing and branding.

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Would you say social media has played a role?

Social media has played a very vital role in the work I do. Each time I publish any of my work I have to share it on social media. Infact while checking traffic on my personal blog, I realize that social media contributes about 40% to that. I have also met amazing people on social media and I have been exposed to so many amazing and humbling experiences.

Do you think social media has made your work easy or it would still flourish without it?

Social media has elevated my work and pushed me further as a budding writer and marketer. It has really made my work easy. I’m able to follow up on so many people in line with entertainment and lifestyle to get leads and stories. My friends also keep me in the loop of things via social media. It is indeed a link between myself and the community I create content for. I don’t think my work would flourish without social media, I would encourage everyone to make good use of it.

What inspired you to do what you are doing?

Growing up, I was always the talkative kid who was up and about. That developed a character in me to always be an informant of sorts. I grew big love for media and specifically love for radio in 2015. My desire to be informed and to inform others saw me in leadership positions related to the same. I was an information prefect in school right from O’level. I’m also a big believer in positive journalism and how to add value to a person’s life. That’s a very big driving force in delivering my passion. The role models I have in life have also played a big role. My role model is Ryan Secrest; an American TV host, radio producer, presenter and business man.

For how long have you been doing it?

I have been writing since I was a kid. I opened my first blog in 2014 with Google’s blogger which I later deleted after a few months cause of the limited features of the platform. I then opened my new blog in February 2019, gave it a break and resumed once again in September that year and have since never looked back. So, officially I have been doing this for about two years now.

For social media influencing, I begun in late 2018 and have been doing gigs and running errands for various brands and companies for about two and a half years now. I have been privileged to do work for corporate brands, start-ups and NGOs such as Next Media, Nile Breweries, National Water and Sewage Corporation, Safe boda, Reach A Hand Uganda, Reproductive Health Uganda, NIMD, Coca Cola, UNDP, Uganda Revenue Authority, to mention but a few.

What have been the challenges you’ve faced, generally and also in your line of work?

The biggest challenge I have is procrastination. It affects my work a lot but I’m working on that. As a creative, you are your biggest critique so sometimes I feel like I’m too hard on myself in terms of wanting my work to be perfect in turn work keeps piling up. Internet is also another challenge especially when it comes to speeds and affordability.

In line with social media influencing, my challenge is with clients who have massive expectations and demands but their budgets do not defend the same.

What are you most grateful for while on this journey?

Growth. I am really grateful for growth in writing and this digital work. I’m grateful for the connections made along the way. To me that’s everything. I’m also grateful for the incredible people I’ve met like Katende Erick. He took a chance on me and believed in me. I’m super grateful.

What’s that one interesting thing about you that many people do not know about?

I am a passionate lover if that’s a thing any way. When I love a person, or thing I go to the furthest length to show it to them, and make them feel appreciated.

For a person who writes a lot, I am a really terrible reader. I try as much as I can to keep up but gradually the laziness wins, more so when the writing is not in my line of interest or is really long.

I guess I now understand what my friends would go through while reading my really lengthy pieces

Any hobbies?

I enjoy travelling, listening to a lot of music, and meeting/ interacting with people. I also enjoy taking long walks what one would term as okuzunga.

How would you advise a young person who wants to do what you are doing?

Be passionate! When you are passionate you are able to push yourself hard to put in the work in regards to research, producing quality content and the networking you need. Another thing, promote and believe in yourself. How will you make other people interested in what you do if you do not believe in it.

Having read and learnt that Mugisha is an avid lover of music, you are probably asking yourself who his favorite artist is.

“Do I have a favourite artist? yes! this is an easy guess for those who follow me or are in my friend circles… I dig the weeknd’s music so much.” I really have a thing for music, in that if asked for my favorite song I’d be lying to say i have one cause they are really a ton! He said.

There is just so much to learn from Mugisha. You have all the time and all the data when you load yourself a pulse data bundle by simply dialing *157#. Check out his amazing work on his blog mugibson.com


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