Back in the day make up was just lip balm, copper girl and a well cut eye brow but the game has since changed. It is a work of art to be able to blend all the concealer, foundation, eye shadow and so much more. Umuhoza Faith is a 21-year-old make up artist who has mastered the art of the brushes on people’s faces.

Faith started doing make up in her s4 vacation when she was working with her sister. At that time, she didn’t know anything about make up but she practiced on her friends in school and has since then improved to become the make up artist she is now. She is currently working at one of Kampala’s biggest Make up studios; Mona faces.

Faith has worked on some of Kampala’s top celebrities like Lillian Mbabazi, Sheebah Karungi, Anita Fabiola and many others. She has also traveled to Kenya on two occasions to work on a bridal entourage. This goes without saying that she has a talent at hand that she has crafted and now blossoming in it. Luckily for Faith, she is also one of the nominees for this year’s Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards under the category for Make up artist.

On top of working at Mona faces, she is also a student at Makerere University Business school pursuing a bachelors degree in International Business. To her advantage her classes are in the afternoon so it allows her to be flexible and do work in the morning hours.

To her fellow pulsers, she advises you to believe in yourselves and cultivate that talent you are seated on so as to make a living out of something that you love doing. Get yourself a pulse data bundle by dialing *157# follow her on Instagram and see the magic in her hands.

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