It’s just Easter Monday but Lord have mercy on me for the boys I have swooned over solely because their dapper suit is jaw dropping. You can’t blame a girl really, if someone’s going to come around with a George Clooney charm and a suit straight out of a 007 movie, then a girl will certainly go bonkers for it.

Arnold Asasira, thank you for spending a fortune on the suits and blazers you wear for you have broken hearts with them. May I add that this lad wears only tailor made suits and clothing whose designs are masterminded by him.

Arnold owns a suits and arts shop called The Creative Hub. The name of his shop is very deserving because the creativity he puts into his suits and other attires is quite unseen. He has designed suits for most graduands and university dinner goers.

Surely he is not just having a phase, being sleek and dapper has been in his vocabulary since his golden boy days in school. Dude wears a structured double breasted suit jacket almost every day. His peers do this like once a year; that’s if there’s even an occasion worth matching his style in their calendar. The beautiful thing is that Arnold is a believer in exploring passion. He believes it pays off more than any thing else.

“I would love to encourage pulsers to identify their passion, their talent and work so hard to improve and develop their talents. Talent is so important, it can take you anywhere across the world as long as you keep pushing on. The sky cannot be the limit. I also encourage them not to sit back and relax. If you do not get the support that you would think you need, don’t give up.” He said.

There are so many great young designers we have. If not Arnold’s Creative Hub try out Twambale. You cannot afford to look uncool in this day. Arnold has made lots of money from fashion blogging; Someone will want to buy a suit or shirt that he’s wearing simply because of how smart he looks. This could be you.

“I am coming up with a better model for branding fashion in Uganda. I have teamed up with a friend that loves art. I really believe that art and fashion are things that can be sold together if properly packaged and combined. Look at Versace and see how greatly they blend art and fashion.”

It’s this enthusiastic mind that made us crush on him today.

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