If you are a pulser who is always glued to your television screen, there is no way you do not know Canary Mugume but if you don’t know him by name, you have probably seen a good looking and perky light skinned gentleman on NBS TV. His face is one you can not forget because he is always on our TV screens as a political reporter and investigative journalist. Unlike many journalists, Canary studied a bachelor’s degree in computer science and only joined journalism out of passion which he got a chance to practice at Channel 44 and NBS TV.

He is one of the few journalists who has dared to stand out of the ordinary journalists. He delivers facts and insights about the lives of people and also the politics of the country. He discovered his niche in  investigative journalism. Recently, he brought to light how girls in Soroti are sold in the market as goods and then they come to Kampala and work as street kids earning about 20,000 shs a week that they later on take to their bosses. This story was of great magnitude that it opened up the eyes of many policy makers and now the new budget for the next financial year has 3.4 billion shillings to remove street kids off the street. Not your everyday journalist!

When we asked him about why he does investigative journalism he said, “Investigative journalism is great because you hold the power to account and task them to answer the hard questions but it also difficult when you have claims you can’t verify.” Aside from being on your screens every day, he is a humble and downtown to earth person who is willing to learn and also teach others. In the next couple of years, we hope to see him on the rise in Uganda’s media industry and he hopes to also make use of his degree in computer engineering together with journalism.

He is an inspiration to many pulsers who would want to join the media industry in Uganda. You can keep up with Canary on your TV screens by loading your MTN Tv bundles for Kweseiflix and Star times and watch him live on NBS TV.

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