Some families till date alienate boys from certain house chores, especially cooking but after seeing the amazing art Mukasa puts into preparing food, I guess this is something that has taken a turn over the years.

You have probably seen ‘Akamere256’, a venture that started in July 2019; after he finished school, pop up on any of your socials or being mentioned by someone you know, Well, it is owned by Phil as known by most people. He picked his inspiration to start from his friends. “The comments from my friends after eating my food whenever they came over to chill and catch up at my place made me think deeply about it.” He said.

Starting a venture might be easy but keeping it going is what’s challenging. Phil picks his daily inspiration from the love and interest he has in cooking for others. He also loves the idea of being gainfully employed by himself. His biggest push is his dream to be the leading provider of quality food services in Uganda.

Just like any business, he has had a few challenges but the most pressing being that he is the only staff. Imagine being CEO, the chef, accountant, receptionist, working long hours etc and still provide mouth-watering food to your clients. Impressive, right? He hopes to employ fellow young people starting this year.

“My advice to pulsers would be that if you are trying to venture into something, make that step in life despite the negativity from others and your financial status. Start small and move at your pace but always make sure you give the best results cause they count.” He said.

Is there a better way to begin the decade than on an inspirational level? This should be a year to break limits and stereotypes. Pick a leaf from Phil. Dial *157*20# to Load pulse data bundles and follow him on twitter @Akamere256. He might be the guy serving you food at any of the social events you might attend.

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