An ambitious young man who picks inspiration from his sisters and works extremely hard, in the most fun ways around his environment to make his journey to his goals worthwhile; Ghulam Lamella is cut from just that type of cloth. If he had a spirit animal, I suppose most people would say that it’d be a puppy-He’s just that lovable. But what people don’t know is that he’s more akin to a lion.

His fashion sense is one you would suspect is adopted from international runways. Ghulam’s style is out of your normal. He is not your typical ordinary guy. He is as unique as whoever dons the Twambale Apparel from Pulse. His ever clean look and perfect scent that radiate off of him come so naturally to blend. Donning the latest labels every now and then, it’s understandable why the cameras love him. He’s ever setting goals for the young lads fashion wise but nothing to worry about becausethe good news is Twambale Apparel from Pulse has got you covered.

His physique suits perfectly as a fashion muse for every piece of cloth that falls onto his body. He takes the ‘slay king’ in him extremely above average.

This Afro-Asian is what many people describe as an instagram model. Does he get paid for it? We do not know. But while I was burning my pulse bundles scrolling through his profile, I totally believed that there’s such thing as instagram models. He is such a lily for the camera. Popularly known as Ghulam Speed, you can check him out at @ghulam_speed

When we asked his friends about him, many gave a similar comment. “He is an extremely friendly guy that is so focused about his goals. You see him slaying around but that’s because one of his many dreams is to own a fashion house.” They said

Young as he is in his f.6 vacation, Ghulam has got his vision set out. Age should never be a limiting factor for anyone that wishes to pursue big dreams. We wish him all the best as he sets out for his goals.

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