Rubangira also commonly known as Rada is one of those people who did not want to leave university without having done something for himself that would also involve his fellow students.  In his second year while still at Uganda Matryrs University Nkozi, he founded Rada safaris, a tourism company.

When I asked what his inspiration was, he said that he was inspired by his childhood experiences.

“When I was still in primary school, I really wanted to see how these wild animals I was studying about looked like and I never really got the chance to see them. But when I made 20 years, I got a chance to see them in the wilderness. I believe there are many people like me. That inspired me.”

He has been giving his fellow young people unforgettable experiences in the wilderness for a year now. One would wonder how he managed to balance school and work but he said he always put his education first. “I used to attend my lectures and do coursework in time. I never missed tests  and used to go for discussions and when I got Safari gigs, I used to inform my lecturers and my faculty that I was not going to be around for awhile.  They were kind enough to always help me cop up with school when I needed help. This helped me not have issues at school.”

The challenge he has faced as a start up is the negative attitude Ugandans have towards tourism. Many Ugandans think traveling is for ‘Bazungu’ and the rich people which notion should change. One does not need to be old and rich to have fun.

Lately, there are many youths that are joining the tourism industry under this kind of work.  He would advise his fellow people starting to start small and have passion for what they doing cause nothing beats passion for anything.

In 2019, Rada and his team won the  2019 Start Hub Africa pitch event competition. “We did not see this coming because there were many teams pitching and the competition was tight but I thank God we won and this is because I work with the best team and I believe in team work.”

To follow up on what he does, check out his work out  on Twitter @radasafaris1, Instagram and Facebook  @radasafaris or check their website

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