There are so many unknown youths out there doing great things and changing the world in the best way they can, and Shadrack Muwanguzi is one of them. This isn’t a normal Monday because a young man touching lives of teens in ways he is passionate about is not usual.

From an earlier stage, Shadrack has always had a love for all things tech. It was quite too big a subject for him to put his fingers on one thing but as he went through the different stages of his young life, he grew an undying passion for coding and because he was taught well that sharing is caring, he decided to share his knowledge in programming with younger children.

Recently, Shadrack together with his friends co-founded Future Code Club, a nonprofit initiative dedicated to providing teens 9-18 years access to computer programming skills through hour code, after school and weekend programs.

When asked why he took on this particular initiative, he had this to say. “The world is evolving daily and everything we do is almost purely digitized. The world is generally changing and we want young people to be ready.”

In future Code Club, Shadrack and his team teach these young people how to build their own games, animations, mobile apps and websites. Genius, right?

In his recent endeavors, Shadrack partnered with Prograte, a Japanese Tech company to disseminate this coding skill onto the youths. He has amazing things lined up for you pulsers, watch the space and enjoy the tech vibes while at it.

This goes without saying, identify your passion and stick to it. You will be amazed by the daring things you can do.

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