Mao Patrick Shaka a student at Kampala International University while in his first year listened to his guts and ventured into his passion for singing. He took a twist into his journey to fame when he did a Sam Smith – Too good at goodbyes cover together with Gael Will the already famous cover god; but what grabbed the attention of Ugandans was when Shaka did Winnie Nwagi’s Mataala cover. Many could not believe the cherubim we had on this soil. His passion for music is beyond this world you can easily think his voice in auto tuned yet that’s him naturally singing. He has sung in church, at charity events and probably sings in his sleep.

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Gael Will who is also Shaka’s mentor in the music field sprung into fame early 2017 after he did a number of known song covers. His angelic voice could not be left unnoticed by Sheebah after he did a “Nkwatako” cover that left the media stunned. The two have discovered that music is their soul and not just any music, but the real deal music. Besides being OBs from St. Lawrence schools, they are united by their uniqueness in cracking vocals.

One cannot speak about Shaka and not speak about his love for poetry, fashion and modeling. He is a lover of the arts that has done a few poems with some of his friends in a group known as the Katochi poets. He says poetry helps him to express himself on several issues and also he loves speaking out on behalf of the small voices that dwell inside his head. Speaking of the arts, he has modeled clothes on behalf of his rising designer friends.

His personality weighs down any heavy hearts. Shaka is described as a happy, kind and soft spoken person by his friends. His charming smile makes him approachable no wonder he has a ton of friends. He is also a fun loving pulser. Anything you call fun he will do. A guy that does not do any sport is quite a windbag. Patrick’s love for the ball and hoops is on cloud 9. Much as he is a friendly person, he appreciates and prioritizes his principals in all things.  To make it to his circle of friends, you just have to have a personality that matches his and better.

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