Ladies if you are looking for a 6ft good looking hunk, Thomas Kanzira is the guy for you. He is known as ‘owishemwe’ on all his social media platforms. The 6ft is a student of medicine and surgery at Jianghan University in China although he was born and raised in Uganda. Uganda for him is always home for him any day any time: the people, the food, the weather, etc make it home for him.

He is known for shaking tables on very many issues. Many remember him for bringing up the issue of people studying unemployable courses in Ugandan universities. Hell almost broke loose for him but well he is still going strong. He is one of the very open minded people who freely talks about his sex life on his twitter account.

Thomas’ good looks cannot be ignored. To find a tall and handsome man in these times is almost a myth. No offense to the short lads. His friends describe him as a caring friend one who will buy you water on a drunk night out. He is also funny and slow to anger.

For the ladies, I know you are getting all excited now but I’m sorry to break your hearts. He is single and not searching. He prefers to concentrate on his books for now but you can keep shooting your shots never know you might get his attention and change his mind.

Aside from social media, he is very enthusiastic about what he is studying. On many occasions when he is in Uganda, he does work at some of the hospitals as he prepares to become the best cardio thoracic surgeon; one that will impact Uganda’s health care system positively.

How many Ugandan students studying abroad can do this? Hopefully he will be able to impact the younger generations to have the passion for medicine just like grey’s anatomy made many of us envision being surgeons.

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