Pulse Movie Review: It is the Russians Now, Angel Has Fallen Premiers


2013’s Olympus Has Fallen, the Film Franchise that is giving us this sequel had North Korea as America’s enemy; its 2016 follow-up London Has Fallen took on Muslim terrorists from Pakistan. Now, their third sequel, Angel Has Fallen has targeted Russia.

Authorities are forced to take Secret Service agent Mike Banning (Gerald Butler) into custody after a failed assassination attempt on US President Allan Trumbull (Morgan Freeman). 10M USD is discovered on an offshore account under his names which confirms to his captors that he had something to do with the assassination attempt.


After inevitably escaping from custody, Banning must penetrate the FBI and his own agency to find out the real threat on the President. He gets help along the way, including that of his father (himself a war hardened Vietnam veteran).

The Movie premiered last week on August 23rd. Get DSTV Bundles by dialing *165*82#  on your phone today to enjoy this and more movies.