Pokèmon: Detective Pikachu was released in the United States on May 10th and it has mixed reviews from all over. First released on May 3rd in Japan, the movie is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures in Real 3D and Dolby Cinema.
Detective Pikachu received mixed reviews from critics, who praised the creature designs and Reynolds’ performance, but criticized the plot as being standard, very predictable and just fit for children and teens.
However, Rotten Tomatoes considers it to be the best live-action film adaptation of a video game.
In the film, Tim Goodman is a 21-year-old insurance salesman who had given up Pokémon training due to the death of his mother and the absence of his father, Harry. While hanging out with his friend Jack, Tim learns that his father has presumably died while investigating a case.
He travels to Ryme City, a metropolis that outlaws Pokémon fighting and pushes the bonds of humans and Pokémon alike, to collect Harry’s assets. Tim also meets Lucy Stevens, a fluff columnist who wants to be a reporter and is suspicious of Harry’s death.
It is while he is reminiscing in his apartment that Tim encounters Pikachu. The Pikachu can speak and only he (Tim) can somehow understand. The movie grossed just over USD 20M on release date (Friday) and may surprisingly compete with Endgame for weekend sales according to Forbes.

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