Pulse Music Review: John Blaq Proves Musical Consistency With ‘Maama Bulamu’

Latest News | 2019-08-06

The naysayers that downplayed John Kasadha’s art, when he had just cracked through with “Romantic” and “Tukwatagane”, must be having sleepless nights, undoubtedly. The young, unique-voiced singer, has proved he is here to stay, with the various hits he is dropping with reckless abandon, “Maama Bulamu” being the most recent.

Staying true to the urban touch that gave him the fame he gratefully dons, John Blaq has made quality audio in the new club banger produced by Wani; and also hired Noisy Pricha, a musician-turned-videographer to shoot the video at the Source of The Nile, in Jinja, his home town.

Coupled with his signature croaky voice and a concoction of deep Luganda and English lyrics, the hit maker stacked his masterpiece with tons of video creativity too. My favorite scenes include the one where he stood with both arms stretched out in a Y-shape – titanic style on a double-decker boat; the one where he lackadaisically puffed on a Cuban cigar -channeling his inner Don Corleone, and the one where a video vixen who played captain of the boat, swayed it and made John trip – attempting to deter him from finding his Maama Bulamu.

A Luganda phrase which loosely translates to “Woman of my life”, “Maama Bulamu” is already enjoying massive airplay hours after its release, and I’ve had it on replay on my TIDAL, thanks to my Pulse Bundles. You can check it out on TIDAL and YouTube using the links below:

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