Even before he got mainstream attention with “Kibunoomu”, which subsequently gave deserved attention to his longtime love ballad “Naki”, I was in love with Kenneth Mugabi’s art. Although personally, I am more in love with “Nambi” from that debut album of his, it is hard to avoid the addictive effect of Kenneth‘s music as a whole.

“Ugandan” is the name of his second album, which boasts of 13 well-crafted masterpieces. “Oliwa”, “Nkakwanye ntya” and “Nkwegomba” channel his usual subject matter of juvenile but true love, with the latter already having a catchy video to its name. Scene set in a rural Ugandan primary school, Kenneth tries to woo his Deaf crush in the comical and inspiring visuals.

“Fight for you” and “Ugandan” – with the latter being a reggae jam – are two songs on which the Afro-Soul star attempts to sing English lyrics. They turned out okay, and call me picky, but I prefer it when Ken sings Luganda. “Wenyewe” is another on which the Ganda lad spewed some effective Swahili lyrics.

“Ebinyuma”, “Embeera” and “Mugabi” are reminiscent of his initial works, as they are love songs in which he sings effortlessly with his signature lazy touch, just like a 6-year old last born pretending to be angry at his loving mother.


No man is an island, as they say, and the young, witty artiste knows it. He put seasoned musicians: Maureen Nantume, Angela Kalule, Iryn Namubiru and Lilian Mbabazi on “Ekigwo”, “Mukwano Gwo”, “Olugendo” and “Bwenkusibwa” respectively. His beloved tube fiddle and guitar were not forsaken at all, and they are dominant throughout the album.

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