If your taste in music is like mine, if you probably love Ugandan Afro Soul music, then you have definitely heard about JC Muyonjo; a young man with a heartwarming voice and such finesse with the guitar.

In this compilation of epics, JC’s plight is about how his style of music is not being so appreciated in his country, and how he wishes he could get better recognition, but in the end, he can’t give up his art, to resort to “Kidandali” or mainstream dance music, just for fame and fortune.

In the first track, “Don’t Lose A Beautiful Thing”, featuring Sitenda, JC sings, “I’m looking for the likes, follows, like an occupation/ To be admired is my dream”. Sitenda urges him in chorus, not to “Lose a beautiful thing, while you cause delusional things.”

In the drum-driven “Kankulage”, the singer reaches out to his lover, attempting to show her what she has been missing. A love ballad meant to sooth her from previous heartbreaks and heal her from all the wounds inflicted by crooks of lovers she trusted in the past.

“Only One on My Radar” featuring Afrie is a hybrid of Afrobeats and Soul, and is another love ballad assuring his lover that his heart beats for her. Afrie, on the other hand, plays “the lover”, and shows reciprocated feelings.


To further prove that Mr. Muyingo has the urge to sell his inheritance for a single meal, but just can’t, is “Kidandali”, the song named just like the EP. On this one, JC attempts to pull off a pseudo mainstream dance style with his Afro Soul tools, but later says he cannot be a slave to dum dum bubblegum “Kikube okitte” tunes – even though he would love the money and fame that comes with it. He says he feels the pressure when he goes to perform and people don’t know him, and when they ask him to sing some club bangers; but he is always loyal to his craft. According to JC, “Kidandali” is the reason for the lack of identity for our music, due to the never-ending copy and paste in the Ugandan music industry, from Jamaican dancehall, Nigerian and other music styles.

“Uber Guy”, is reminiscent of one other Ugandan Soul Music Classic “Boda Boda”, but this time round, a cabbie isn’t being called to take a singer to his lover: a cabbie is being blamed for stealing a singer’s lover. “She left me for an Uber guy”, JC laments, “Now I’m an Uber guy”, he adds, because well, If you can’t beat them, just join them.

Ultimately, “Kindandali EP” by JC Muyonjo is one compilation which will leave very music lover renewing their Tidal subscription. You can get yourself a Pulse Tidal subscription by dialing *157#, then listen to it via the link,

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