From his years at the university, Cohen Mwesigwa Jr knew he wanted to be a musician; studying Multimedia and Animation, Photography and Cinematography at International School of Business And Technology (ISBAT). Even though his talent was undoubted, Kohen Jaycee was determined to learn the technical bit of music and art in general as well. A couple of years later, the young talent is now known for his own songs, and not just the covers he was popular for back in the day. His EP “Wena” has etched his name in the music books of Uganda.

“Hey There” is an upbeat RnB song on the EP, and the lyrics are befitting for the style of music. “Girl tell me what you want, amma give it to you all night long, no tripping”. “Twala Nze”, sways on a looped piano arpeggio with witty lines like “Forget about the Ykee, girl amma be your Benda” which aren’t shocking since Kohen has occasionally performed spoken word poetry.

“Your Number” boasts of a catchy intro with ad libs and acoustic guitar chord solos and harmonies. It gets you smiling as soon as it starts playing. “Wena”, the song with the EP title and the chorus “Ninkwenda wena wena we”, is testimony that the singer wants more than friendship from the love of his life.

“Not letting go”, owns a nostalgic chord progression, played by a rhythm guitar, and another occasional palm-muted guitar, and synthesized drum beats. It is probably the most danceable number on the EP, and arguably the most “Ugandan-sounding” song off the EP. The million dollar question is, will Kohen do more Kidandali and go mainstream like Cosign, or will he stay true to his signature fusion of Urban Soul and Contemporary Acoustic music, and stay with a niche audience like JC Muyonjo?

The answer to that will be gotten in a matter of time, but proceeding, “Ndi nawe”, loosely translates to “I’m with you”. Save for the patois phrase in the intro, this piece is probably the one filled with the most simplicity, among every other one on the EP. It is very reminiscent of a Maurice Kirya love ballad. Kohen as a poet seeks to reassure his lover he is not planning on a life without her. “Abalungi ndabye bangi naye gwe otangaala / Guno omukwano ogwaffe, kansuubire guwangaala”

“Kulembeza and “Tamed” explain how powerful her love is over him.

If you are a lover of beautiful music, you will definitely love this EP by Kohen, so check it out on Tidal via the link below, but don’t forget to get a Pulse Tidal bundle by dialing *157#

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