As some Ugandans gathered in Kyotera to mark Uganda’s 57th Independence Day, Uganda Waragi Pineapple treated its customers to an Independence Day boat cruise on Lake Victoria.  Borrowing from its descriptor of a relaxed, chill and catch up over a bottle of UG Pineapple.

Independence Day was the perfect day to relax and appreciate the beauty that Uganda is and also marvel at the investments of the rich and famous along the shores of Lake Victoria. What better way to do this than a boat cruise round the scenic beauty that is our country Uganda as you take in the cool breeze.

The EarthWise boat, docked at Port Bell pier, was dapped in sunflower, pineapples and sunny colours ready for the cruise by midday. A mixologist stood at the foot of the boat to welcome the cruisers with a host of free-flowing cocktails. It was a beautiful sunny day that would turn into a beautiful Pineapple evening.

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