Traveling is something that almost everyone wants to try out but we normally hesitate to do it because we do not have as much money to travel around the world. Unlike many pulsers, Phillipa Wamala refuses to live by that standard and has therefore embraced traveling as part of her lifestyle. To make it even better, she writes about her adventures to show fellow pulsers how they too can travel on a budget.


Phillipa is a 22-year-old pulser studying in Nelson Mandela University in South Africa. Although she studies in South Africa, she was born and raised in Uganda and returns as often as she can to her motherland. According to her, people attach wealth to travel yet you can have invaluable memories on a small budget. She started up a travel blog in February 2019 where she documents her experiences and also gives details of the expenses she made on the trip.


Aside from her blog, Phillipa is a very brilliant girl. Luckily, traveling is something that can be done part time so it does not affect her school schedules. She is also a very out going person and this is probably why she has been able to encourage some of her friends to also go on some of the trips she has made.

Her vision is to encourage more continental travel within Africa because there is so much it has to offer. In the next 10 years, Phillipa hopes to start up a travel advisory company that offers genuinely cheap travel deals within Uganda so that more people get to see the hidden beauty of the country.

So far, she has traveled to a couple of places within Uganda and also in South Africa. All of her traveling escapades are on her blog; You too can get to enjoy the beauty of Uganda like Phillipa with the trips organized by MTN and Breathing taking Uganda.

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