Oscar Nyesiga, a young fashion designer and go getter, hopes to inscribe a long lasting mark on the Ugandan fashion industry. A first year student studying Statistics at Makerere University, Nyesiga who is mostly known as Oscar Kampala has been in love with fashion for as long as he can remember.

He gets his name from his men’s fashion boutique that is located at Ham Shopping Grounds. Oscar Kampala Collections deals in bespoke suits that Mr Nyesiga says he develops mainly because of his love for suits and passion for art.


“Bespoke suits are tailor made. They are traditionally cut from a pattern drafted from scratch basing on the user’s desires and is therefore different from ready-to-wear suits.” Nyesiga explained.

With just almost two years in the fashion industry, his life rotates around his fashion business. He pays his own tuition and upkeep and has been able to sustain himself at campus thus far. He invested his time in S.6 vacation to make transforming entrepreneurial decisions of his life and he doesn’t regret an inch of the outcomes.


He attributes his successes so far to mentor-ship, inspiration from fashion bigwigs and his love for entrepreneurship.

“Probably with prayer, hard work, persistence and the right peers, I shall expand my business to represent Uganda on the international market with Bespoke Suits.” He concluded.

Kampala says he is going to right away enable his business on MTN MoMo Pay so that his clients can pay for his product and services without incurring any charges, by dialing *165#

Fashion is without doubt, one of the fastest growing industries in Uganda’s arts and entertainment. With the strides taken by Ugandan designers such as Sylvia Owori, Santa Anzo and especially Brian Ahumuza (Abryanz), the sector has become flourishing and only the sky will be the limit for Nyesiga.


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