Thousands of people from all over the world that turned up to have the weekend of their lives at Nile Discovery Beach were regaled with various musical performances from over 100 acts on different stages. The dead spirit and party animals within people arose to the beats. The party all day all night long disposition was everyone’s share at the moment as there was a lot to drink and eat with a major camper’s experience at the outskirts of the grounds and the experience was lived to its full meaning.

Nyege nyege being the biggest 4-day international music festival in East Africa, very Akin to USA’s Coachella, people traveled from all over the world to have this experience with Ugandans and still hopeful for what next year brings.

Here is how it went down through the lens of Kab Derrick;

All your favorite drinks were available

Food Trucks were also in every corner

Networking and Interacting with new friends was the order of the day

Showcasing of Art pieces

Party goers enjoying their nights out

Revelers at Nyege Nyege

XFM’s Denzel at the Pineapple Garden

It was all fun and games at Nyege Nyege

BET Winner Eddy Kenzo also came through for the Nyege Nyege experience

That moment when Nyege Nyege spirits took over


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