Original name “piña colada”, it is a Spanish word for a sweet cocktail made with rum, coconut, pineapple juice and usually served with ice.
Uganda Waragi’s Pina Colada festival will probably be the biggest cocktail festival we have seen in recent years. The fest, that was themed tropical will be at Panamera Restaurant and Bar tomorrow 19th April and will see revelers party while taking the finest cocktails Uganda Waragi has to offer.
According to organizers, the fest is expected to bring together most of the biggest and best bartenders and ‘mixologists’ in the country, Uganda Waragi loyal customers and cocktail kings/queens.
The Uganda Waragi team themed the fest and the dress code tropical to allow the best representation of a fun cocktail celebration featuring lots of cocktail bars and a wide range of fun games not to mention the list of top DJ’s and other entertainers lined up.
The event starts at 2pm and you have no reasons to worry about work or school because it will be a public holiday.

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