Chronixx’ second time in Uganda was a much anticipated one, and the humble Rasta wasn’t planning on anything close to disappointing his Kampala fans who were eagerly waiting to skank to some sweet reggae music.

On June 29th in the Sheraton Kampala Hotel gardens, an epic show was staged by Jamar McNaughton and his Zinc Fence Redemption Band, and it will surely linger in the minds, hearts and souls of those that witnessed it.


By as early as midday, reggae die hards had already started flocking the venue and performances from support acts started in the afternoon. Beenie Gunter, Nina Roz, all cheered the crowds up, before the main act hit the stage. Legends like Cindy and her band, Weasel, Jose Chameleone, Vampino, Rabadaba and Maddox Sematimba also performed their legacy hits for the nostalgic audience.

One heartwarming moment was the brief reunion of the Benon and Vampos duo, which saw Benon Mugumbya, now an artist manager, get back on stage to perform the evergreen reggae song “I Know” featuring Vampino. Maddox Sematimba’s set was of course as electric as always.

By 9pm, Zion Fence Redemption was already setting up the tools and upto 1 a.m in the morning, Chronixx pulled off a picturesque delivery of his signature “Reggae Revival” music brand. “Skanking Sweet”, “Smile Jamaica”, “Who Knows”, “Tenement Yard” and other hits, left party people on their tippy toes.

Photos taken by: Bash Mutumba

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