After the massacre in Kings Landing that took up the greater part of Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5, we were almost certain that the Dragon Queen (Danaerys Targaryen) would be killed and that Tyron Lannister would also die for his treason that involved his brother.
Also, we could all almost bet money that Jon Snow, the Bastard of Winterfell would be on the Iron Throne. But that was just us going wild in anticipation and the Series production already had their own plot for the series.
There are no longer seven kingdoms as the North gained independence and Drogon is still at large (prolly brooding after it hit him that he is an orphan now).
The one thing that was the motivation of every ambitious house in Westeros was melted down the same way it was created. A poetic way to curtail the greed that cost the people almost everything they had, Ser Jamie Lannister’s mention in the book of heroes is now two pages longer. (Even in death, the joke’s on King Geoffrey.)
Jon Snow re-united with Ghost and Ser Bronn got the reward he was promised. A Lannister always pays his debts and it sucks!
But even when the King of the now Six Kingdoms is not whom most of us had anticipated, we can all agree that the realm is in good hands and that a democracy has been put in place where no one is entitled because of being born lucky.
Unlike the other 1M or so fans of Game of Thrones that want a remake of the season finale, I think we should rest. Let us find another series to fall in love with. In future when we look back, we shall always have this nostalgia that will be caused by one of the greatest series, the television has ever brought.

“Sometimes, duty is the end of love.”

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