Select Pulsers from Ghana and Uganda who are passionate and loyal to the MTN Pulse platform might have this year’s Nyege Nyege festival imprinted in their hearts,thanks to the Pulse Experience they have been subjected to. The group that hit Jinja in style aboard a customized MTN Pulse tour bus, have headlined all the fun activities at the four day festival.

The Ugandan Pulsers were joined by counterparts from the west African nation of Ghana who purposely visited Uganda to be a part of the festival.

VIP Pulsers on their way to Jinja For the MTN Nyege Nyege Festival on Thursday.

As a point of interest, Pulsers have their own crib “Pulse Village”  singled out of the other lot where their tents are laid out and from where the piece of mind and body takes place after a long day of partying.

Speaking to MTNPulse about the experience, one of the VIP Pulsers Jeremiah Ainebyoona said “I don’t know if I will ever have such an experience in my life again. I have had so much fun, yet it is just day two. Thank you MTN Pulse!” 

VIP Pulsers at MTN’s Area Code “Wild Bae”:

Born out of an act of sheer collective madness in the rainy season of 2015, the MTN Nyege Nyege Festival is now considered the most important 4-day international music festival in East Africa for its one of a kind curation and its unique afropolitan party vibe.
Revellers from allover the world have camped in the eastern district of Jinja on the banks of river Nile to, as modern youths in Uganda say, eat life very well.

In the videos here, we summarize the activities that involved an all expenses paid boat cruise with all drinks and power DJs aboard and they got the best views of the glorious Nile river.

VIP Pulsers at the Floating Party on the boat hosted by Mush MC

Highlights from the festival as of Saturday.

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