There is just infinite goodness that self-love, knowing your worth and staying true to yourself can get you; and this is a driving force for 21 year old Justin Ingabire, a passionate fashionista.

“Sunshine mixed with hurricane”, like she likes to refer to herself, the Rwandan-rooted beauty stresses that your roots are always your foundation, not setback, and that the future is for strong women, even in the blurriest of days.

Music is universally therapeutic: that’s something Justin understands, and it clearly shows in her social media captions; which are often excerpts from lyrics of popular songs. She is one person who detests bad vibes and negative energy, after-all, for every minute you’re angry, you lose 60 seconds of happiness.

Miss Ingabire is not a big fan of the bed, because she has a dream worth much more than her sleep, and she’d rather be a lion for a day than a sheep for life. Careful though, don’t crush on her yet, because in her own words,

“They told me not to go around looking pretty all the time, so I’m not your woman crush just yet.” yes, she is that focused.

Fashion is any trendy girl’s drug and clearly Justin is serving just that. To be as stylish as she is, all you need is to dial *157*4# to buy awesome clothing from Twambale Apparel at an amazing discount using that code.

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