Wednesday should never close without a youthful Pulser gracing your mentions with a beautiful face and inspiring you while at it. Harmony Kyomugisha Muhwezi is a 26 year old actress, chef, student and still venturing in other fields including music.

Her acting career begun in 2015 when she was spotted at a singing contest by film producer Phillip Luswata for a role in The Campus. She first played Priscilla, a fourth¬†year medical student (book worm) whose boyfriend was really “all over the place”, in her exact words.

She first hit the big screen in August 2016 when the series (The Campus) was flagged off for the air.  She says, because acting is never a full time job, after The Campus, she went back into her professional chef duties and got a job at The Brisk Restaurant where she was basically training the service providers about their predominantly French menu.

“My first really professional acting after The Campus, came about a year later. We were taken to Jinja and spent three months on a shoot. Everything was organised, from the set all the way up to the pay and this is what really motivated me to keep going.” Kyomugisha said.


Her first major role came with the series Kyaddala: It’s Real which was auditioned by Reach a Hand, Uganda. She says the perks of landing a role in such a Pan-African Project is that it exposed her to actors from other walks of life especially from Nigeria.

“Do not give up. If you badly want something, do whatever it takes. I advise young Pulsers to build their portfolios and most importantly to manage their expectations, that is what will get them the goal.” She further said.

Kyomugisha said if she were to give up on acting whenever she was ‘finessed’ (not paid) or given less pay, she would never have gone to make the bigger strides in the profession that she was later to make.

Besides acting, she is a student at Cavendish University and manages her own private businesses to make ends meet. And right here, ladies and gentlemen, we have our Wednesday Crush Woman.

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