Lately, the number of Ugandans that go to the Middle East to transact business, get employment and those that travel for tourism and vacation purposes has greatly over-shadowed that of those that go there to pursue an education. Shadia Bint Rajab, a young Ugandan muslima, who studies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; inspires many in the Pearl of Africa with her piety, wit and Hijabi fashion sense.
It is a given that when you hear someone talk of Islamic attire, you would think it can’t be fashionable, well, you must think again. Shadia knows exactly how to juxtapose Fenty packs, D&Gs, designer sneakers, denims and stylish heels into her religious outfits.
To crown it all, her Instagram captions are poetic genius. The young lady leaves her 20,700+ Instagram followers nodding in approval whenever she posts an update. And to kid you not, the captions aren’t copied from the internet; they are originally written by her under her trademark Sa’r.
“Don’t tell God that problems got you, tell problems that God got you.” S’ar quotes. “Whatever you water will grow, you get to decide.”
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Ma’assalaam, good people.

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