Pulse WCW: Meet Cynthia Nakiranda the Youthful Fashionpreneur and Go Getter

Latest News | 2019-04-10
Whenever you’re successful in any field or hustling to be successful and people get to know about your family, their usual presumption is that you’re riding on your parents’ fortune. Well, most times, we are so pre-occupied with belittling people’s hustles that we forget to pick inspiration which should be the priority.
Our WCW today is Cynthia Nakiranda and we’ll agree with you all today that she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Very many have been born that way, but few get to ensure they don’t spit it and she’s one of those. Born luckily to city tycoon Robert Ssekidde of Seroma Ltd, Ms Nakiranda has strived to leave her own mark on this earth and that’s why our crushing eyes couldn’t skip her today.
Having discovered that she was effortlessly amazing in fashion, Nakiranda ensued upon rounding the sector down and as you observed in the title, she’s an established fashionpreneur with her own fashion house “Halo Collections”.
Named the Best Fashionista at the Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards of  2016 her lifestyle is more than what meets the eye.
A married woman, Nakiranda juggles family duties with her own hustle and still affords to look amazingly beautiful. But clearly, we cannot underestimate her husband William Kajoba’s contribution in ensuring this queen affords to do what she’s passionate about while still doing wonderful roles as a mother.
From as early as 23, Nakiranda was a CEO of her own fashion store Halo Collections. Most kids from well off families would rather sit back and eat daddy’s money but she differed and set out on her own to make a statement and boy has she!
Media sources have in the past quoted her close friends referring  to her as “that friend who won’t rest until she has accomplished what she set her mind to do regardless of any hurdles’. It is said that behind all those deals she sets out to accomplish and actually gets, lies a warm heartening smile that has since become her signature possession.
And of course being from the Seroma family means one other thing. That she is a staunch Christian. Her close friends would swear that she can’t do anything without sending out a prayer to God. Remember what we told you at the start, ensuring that the spoon stays in her mouth. Very beautiful and rich yet so prayerful.
There is no way we could skip her today and crush on anyone else while she stands there in our faces. Lovely Pulsers, we hope you be inspired. Not just to be fashionable and cute but to ensure you maintain that which keeps us human; prayerful, hardworking and go getter. With that, nothing will surprise you.
Image source : @halocyn Instagram

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