Whoever said you can’t enjoy your youth and still get your degree while at it, was and still is – for the lack of a better word – a buzzkill. 22 year old Michelle Rutagye, a fresh graduate of Accounting and Finance from United States International University(USIU) in Kenya, is proof that these two things are not mutually exclusive.

With an incessant penchant for traveling and hanging out, Michu as her friends call her, gravitates towards these hobbies, even when she doesn’t give them much thought,
“I love traveling for sure. It’s nice to always see new things, and experience different cultures and adventures.” Intimates the young beauty in a tone ever so calm.

“It’s hard for me to choose a favorite hangout spot since I visit many all over East Africa. It’s nice to always bring something back home, from what you experienced.” She adds.

If you love, then you surely loathe in equal measure, and Michu hates things that deter her from exploring the beauty that the universe owns.
“I hate being in one place for too long. I hate routine. It makes me dull and limits my mind.” She confided, revealing how much wander lust – like the travelers call it – deathlessly kindles in her.

With a life that involves traveling through Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda rather unendingly, Miss Rutagye’s Instagram(@michelle_rutagye) never has a dull moment. So you can’t be shocked if she shares an early morning update from the shores of the snow-white coastal beaches of Diani, and then a golden hour selfie from “the land of a thousand hills” in the evening of that very day.

To you the Pulser, Michu says, “The drip is forever.” And you should stand for it like she does. You can stay inspired by her life uninterrupted, by using the super affordable Pulse data bundles. Simply dial *157# and get started.

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