“Stop! Never second-guess yourself”, is by far the deepest quote I’ve read this week, and guess who it comes from: Miss Estah. With a quick check on her Instagram profile, you can’t see much in terms of a bio, save for a link to her YouTube channel, but it is after you subscribe to the petite beauty’s Instagram updates that you get to know what she is made of.

A poet who doesn’t toss the word around as one, Estah gets you captivated with her captions, and very deep photography concepts. Her physique also aids her to look great in about any cloth there is. There’s always that great finesse about Afro-Asian ladies and the “Ugandan At Heart” international model effortlessly exudes it every single time. Miss Estah is half Ugandan and half Asian

Estah travels as far as Kazakhstan and Russia to model, but she doesn’t stop at getting modeling and influencing gigs only. She also hosts events.

With her chiseled face, and ‘very outgoing’ cheekbones like she endearingly calls them; Miss Estah doesn’t look for the perfect lighting to get a perfect selfie – it looks for her! Anyone would appreciate to be a star in her constellation.

The well-published and traveled model is inspiration to the young pulsers out there, that school is still very important even while following your dreams talent-wise. She managed to graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Diplomacy from China Foreign Affairs University regardless of her very tight schedule.

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