The first time I encountered this lady online was in a sub-tweet. I don’t know how to describe a sub-tweet but it’s more of talking (usually negatively) about someone without really mentioning them.
For instance, if I tweeted “thomething talking about the differenthies in thauce therved in restaurants” you’d clearly know whom I am sub-tweeting.
So someone mentioned something about “living among vacists on Twitter” and I knew they were talking about her. I had seen her profile and it indicated boldly, “born February 25th, 2000” so I knew at least that’s a vacist. Then results came and she was excited and we confirmed the allegations.
But Mutesi Diana Immaculate Kagambo is a devoted scientist that hopes to transform the health sector in future when she completes her Pharmacy degree in Makerere University where she is joining in August. She attended Kampala Kindergarten and City Parents’ School for primary before joining Uganda Martyrs SS Namugongo for her secondary education.
As you can see, one school for each level not like some of us. She admits that she is a bit shy but also acknowledges that she is friendly and mostly calm unless extremely provoked – whatever test she uses to determine the extent of provocation, she knows.
“I think it stems from how sad I get to see people deeply sad or unhappy and most times it’s to do with their health” Mutesi told MTN Pulse before adding that she feels that pursuing a course in line with the medical field will get her the knowledge she needs to hopefully help out people.
How she will do that, she believes that probably establishing a clinic or hospital or even just passing on important medical advice that could be of help to people with health complications will prove worthwhile in her pursuit of healthy living among the populace.
When we asked her what it feels like to be a 2000’s baby, considering that they’re few of them online and on social media, she jokingly said that she loves the jealous it brings to 90’s kids.
“It feels good because we make 90s babies feel old and that’s just funny” she said while laughing.
Also, that high school slang of “wagwes”, “nara” and “asashed” – she doesn’t do that. She constructs proper English words in her conversation. We just felt you should know!
If you’re in vacation and you feel the need to check her “social” out, load pulse bundles and find her on instagram @tesi_diana.

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