Don’t be confused, Nadia Mbire is also her name which she carries from her father (Tycoon Charles Mbire) but we just thought it appropriate to identify her with her husband’s name.
While writing this article, my colleagues said I was biting more than I could chew and likened it to crushing on a woman like Kim Kardashian. Their argument was that she wouldn’t even know I wrote good things about her, but that’s not the point of this column. Is it?


Nadia, like last week’s WCW (Cynthia Nakiranda) is more than what meets the eye and that’s precisely why she is the most super candidate for today’s edition. If your daddy had that much money, some of you wouldn’t even be working on your own. You’d want to be in his businesses and getting it the easy way – which isn’t the case with her. She wakes up every morning to set her own grand hustle even when her father and husband have already accumulated enough money to last her generations.

It is from that out-of-the-box thinking that she was able to gather up fellow socialites at Serena Hotel’s Victoria ballroom and sell to them the idea of a first of its kind exclusive pop-up party that, in attendees own words brought Las Vegas to Kampala. Essentially, she could afford to go to Vegas and party but she knew most Ugandans cannot easily afford that and she instead brought Vegas to Kampala.

The event that hasn’t left the minds of Kampala socialites ever since, was dubbed ‘You Are Not On The Guest List’ and was hosted by Nadia Matovu herself. According to event analysts, “she let the city in on the true meaning of luxury and glamour with an elaborate celebration to end the year in style” of course while featuring some of the most high-profile names on the Ugandan social scene and abroad.

Even South African rapper Nasty C, who was on a visit to Uganda couldn’t afford going back home without a glimpse of this party. You can see Nadia’s kind of hustle! Taking advantage of something she enjoys to create a source of income for herself without having to rely on her providers.

Responding to critics who heard she was living lavishly on her father’s money (something that is very okay), Nadia gave them a little tour into her life value that were instilled in her while growing up.
“I could easily be one of these socialites that does nothing but party and attend social events but I was taught better than that. I have watched my father work hard and that has rubbed off on me. I don’t work in any of his businesses (I could have); instead I decided to be an adult and find a job for myself”

Nadia has an exciting and inspiring lifestyle that she shares with us on her instagram. I always use my pulse bundles to catch up with her.
That above and so much more is why we’re crushing on her today.


Image source: @mrs.matovu instagram

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