“Life is a party, dress like it.” No other accurate way to describe the art of being fashionable than that. Whether on vacation at the coast in Dar Es Salaam, a National Park in Kenya, a high end Safari Lodge like Chobe or in court chambers; Rolandah Birungi is always elegant. She always dresses the part, and it doesn’t matter whether she is suited up, or pulling off a baddie look; the young lawyer wears confidence like makeup.



@rolahbee like her Instagram fans always tag her, the PYT doesn’t stop living life. Her insta fam is always fed with good vibes in abundance, and she often urges everyone to stay real or stay away. Authenticity is paramount. Isn’t it?




Preference isn’t prejudice, and Rolah clearly hates it that we live in a world where we are told to love, but we only read it in books. Regardless, she will more often than not disarm you with a smile.

Most people have a color preference, but with the flame that is Rolandah: whether it is purple reign, Nipsey blue, gold drip or unintentionally drawing in pink; she still glows.

Her advice to the pulser our there is, “Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded. And when in the storm, don’t forget what God told you in the calm.” You can also channel your inner Rolahbee by capitalizing on the affordable Pulse data bundles, which last 24 hours and are of 50MB + 200MB SWIFT by simply dialing *157*20#. Also always remember, stars can’t shine without darkness. Namaste!



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