Besides, the usual Ugandan dream of making a living off an academically achieved career, it is intriguing to know people that love and appreciate art, and live for the moment to make a statement in the industry.

Sheebah Mugisha, a university student is what a bad talker might call a cinephile: she really loves movies. And more impressive of all, she hopes that one day she will be known for a contribution to the arts.

“Movies are my thing”, says the young and beauteous Sheeba, and since she is the last born child at home, it could mean she could have unwavering support ‘from above’.

She believes small things always matter, and she couldn’t be any more right. between you and I, if you need to be in sync with your favorite TV series, Purchase 24 hour  50 MB + 200 MB SWIFT MTN Pulse bundles by dialing *157*20# and enjoy the thrill online.

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