Studying in the diaspora is not uncommon for Ugandans lately, and the summer holidays are more than just holidays for the likes of Yvette Ninkugizamukama, who brave through foreign weather and culture; to make their academic dreams come true. And what other place is better to forget about hard medical course units and let your hair down, than home?

Ninku, as some prefer to call her, is surely one of her kind. As many that get to taste Europe, just come back with obnoxious, whiny attitudes about how Uganda isn’t as good. The 21 year old medic still maintains that there’s “No place like home.”

With her trademark exuberant laugh, eyes that exude royalty and a smile that one might call infectious, Yvette shares her positive vibes on her Instagram via @ninkugizamukama_ and her wit on twitter via @yvette_ninku.

“I’m just here for a good time, not a long time”, says the young lady, and this should definitely be the motto for y’all pulsers out there.

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