With the advent of social media, radio is the only mainstream medium that has continued to grow nevertheless. Live streams of radio shows, YouTube uploads of interesting segments, and podcasts. Uganda’s radio journey has been dynamic since the 90’s, and the average youth in the Pearl of Africa listens to Funky radio stations like Galaxy FM 100.2, where Prim Asiimwe is a celebrated On Air Personality.

On your first time listening to The Galaxy Top 20, or The Evening Rush, you will definitely fall in love with Prim’s voice and persona. Her effortless appeal to both uptown and downtown youths is undisputed. Her co-employees too, sing praises of her commendable work ethic.

The charming girl from Masindi has a story that inspires many young girls of our generation that no matter who you are or where you are, your dreams are valid. So to you dear Pulser, keep on keeping on.

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