Quick Tips On How to Improve Your Online Content Creation Game


When they say the internet turned the world into a global village, they mean that you can do literally anything from any part of the world, remotely by mere being on a connection. Various opportunities arose due to that fact, one of them being digital employment.

Whether you get revenue from advertisers on your entertainment website, rely on your Google AdSense account to get payment for your monetized YouTube videos, or you are simply a social media influencer making a living off your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts, you need to keep outdoing your own self to keep competitive in the quickly growing business. The 3 tips below can make great guidelines for you to achieve this goal:

1. Create a Content Calendar
A content calendar helps you in the entire process of planning and execution, as you will have a benchmark for every single piece of content you will produce for a particular period. It also helps build trust with your clients, as they can follow up and quickly give feedback about the expectations they have of you. Ultimately, it makes you look professional in their hands.


2. Use analytics
Most platforms give analytics over a time period of your audience and its demographics. This can be so useful to you when making decisions of what kind of content to dish out to your consumers. Free ones like Twitter Analytics, YouTube Analytics and Facebook Insights provide basic information that you might need, but third party apps that require subscription usually provide more detailed data.

3. Make reports
The biggest challenge with online services is Return On Investment, or what business geeks like to casually broach up in meetings as “ROI”. Clients always love to see the impact of the pay they provide, and this should always be in line with the expectations they shared with you at the start of the deal. Never promise things that you clearly cannot achieve, or else you will be termed as a fraud!

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