Many times we labor to explain to people what our motives are. At times they just can’t get it because to them our dreams seem to be so big for us. You know why?

It’s either because they don’t believe in us or they don’t believe in themselves.

I don’t think there is any reason for anyone to doubt the other’s abilities and most of the time those who do, are usually doubting themselves too.

There is no way someone who doesn’t believe in himself will believe in you. Just like someone who can’t take care of themselves can never take care of another.

What am I driving at?

  1. Surround yourself with people who you share a common passion about something.
  2. Those who will help you understand your worth.
  3. Stay around people who will help you change for the better.
  4. People who will help you realize your vision.
  5. People who don’t complain about each and everything.
  6. You deserve to be around people who will clap when you win.
  7. People who will defend you even in your absence.
  8. People who will appreciate you for who you are without trying to change you.
  9. You deserve people who make you feel special, loved and put your happiness first.
  10. People who you feel comfortable with that you can say anything and it doesn’t feel awkward.

Those are the people you need to keep around. And if you your circle doesn’t have any of those, man charge your circle.

Simply make room for the right people who belong in your life by letting go of those who don’t belong. Be firm about what you deserve. You deserve so much better. Don’t limit yourself.

Believe in yourself even when no one else does. You don’t need anyone’s approval. Just clap for yourself. Ignore everything that tries to discourage you from achieving your goals. Be it places, people or anything else.

Lastly, don’t ever give up and don’t ever give in.

The writer is a blogger, speaker, digital influencer and Activist.


Twitter: @TheCrazySwthrt

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