ama a wild beast never been tamed n ah gat a taste for rappers
ma upcoming bars keep em anxious like a movie sequel
you just stole this flow from the migos
you cant even rap
back when ah was a kid ah was the one runnin towards a fight
ma flow really cold when ah spit rapas wanna git wormed up
fear nothin from the valley o shadows
speakin in toungues
verses are foreign
God given flow
ah came farst am a fire you the smoke
hit em with bars they couldn’t even catch
guess they had to rewind to see what hit em
when am around you better stay alert
sleep on me you could find your self dead
like a pay day
ah top the list
ah spit in the money bag o evri rapa that performs in the streets
you better stop its a heavy truck turning
why would you block me
we don’t mix am a dog you kitty
red means danger am comin at your head like the opposition


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