Have you ever participated in any marathon, race or jogging exercise?  Are you one that despises running and never tries? Perhaps it’s because you do not know the benefits of it. There are several importances of exercising some of which you might or might not know. As the MTN Marathon draws close, we would wish for every pulser to partake of the benefits that are in running. Here are some gathered for you;

Let’s say the overall importance of running is associated with health benefits. But isn’t that what life is about? Healthy living? Let me break down the health importance too. Running builds our overall mental health. The brain is the central processing unit of our bodies therefore it is paramount to keep it healthy.


Did you know that running also helps prevent high blood pressure? This has for long been one of the diseases claiming people’s lives but it can be avoided. While running you arteries are doing a mini exercise by expanding and contracting hence keeping them fit. This in turn maintains your blood pressure in a normal range. Having weight problems? This should be one of your friendliest exercises. When you run, it is more than true that you will burn calories. Interesting to note is that the more you burn, it makes you hungry. So this should be where you choose to eat healthy.

Many of us do not know how to handle and manage stress. Stress comes along with a number of health and mood problems some of which may include lack of appetite and insomnia. But the good news is running helps you release excess hormones and bad energy. When you are depressed the last thing you would want to think about is running. But this could be the only medicine left for you to heal.

One other thing that is most certainly true is that running not only has physical and health benefits. It also helps to build our confidence. During a running exercise, we emit a lot of bad energy and this in turn is replaced with positive energy which builds confidence levels.

Lastly, show me a better way to bond with friends than over a fun activity such as a marathon . I will wait.

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