Jogging/ running is a very healthy activity. Recommended by health and fitness experts world over. However, for beginners and people that don’t do it consistently, jogging/running can be a very extreme sport.

As you prepare to take part in the MTN Marathon on November 24th, 2019, you might have to go through a few essentials if you have not engaged in running for a long time.

Medical Check-Up

Firstly, get an appointment with your doctor and have a thorough check up for any complications that may affect your running or be affected by your running.  Share your running plans and goals to attain fitness with your doctor and have him/her assess you for any potential health issues. Tell him/her about any previous sicknesses or injuries for him to plan ahead and advise you accordingly.

Comfortable Running Gear

The MTN Marathon this year has upgraded the running kit to entail a very comfortable vest and a phone holder. At least your mental stability is sorted with the safety of your phone, but you need very comfortable running shoes. If your shoes are too old, consider replacing them too because worn out shoes can cause physical injuries.

Walking Breaks

Like we have already noted, for beginners and people that have not run in a long time, kindly be considerate of your well being. The Marathon isn’t too competitive for you. Even if you come last, it is okay. The goal is to help maternal health care in the country.

Walking breaks are good for you to attain your stability. Once the running becomes intense and you can barely hold your breath, walk a bit. When you regain size-able consciousness, you can resume the running. Don’t excessively tire yourself.

Running is a very wonderful exercise and it can do you a great deal in burning excess body fat and keeping your muscles flexible and healthy. With the MTN Marathon, you can maintain fitness and help the health sector while at it. Dial *165*77# today to register for the MTN Marathon at only Shs 23,000 on MTN MoMo.

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