Careful by the way, this article may contain spoilers and if you don’t want them, retreat gracefully. D.B Weiss, the Executive Producer of Game of Thrones says that they had been building up to this episode since Season One in the very first episode when white walkers crept up on a couple of Rangers from the Nights Watch and killed most of them only leaving one to tell the tale.

He went on to add that the Episode had to give viewers every inch of what the threat that smelt death means and he hoped that they had one of their best episodes so far. It is an episode of redemption, sacrifice, hope in humanity and the actual meeting of ice and fire that they have been speculating.

The North and their allies finally get to meet face to face with the General that doesn’t negotiate let alone say a single word as Jon Snow has always warned. What’s more motivating however, is the fact that we get to witness fresh heroes away from our usual Dragon Queen and the Bastard of Winter Fell.
Remember, whoever wins in this Great War gets to proceed south and interface with Cersei Lannister and the Golden Company mercenaries that Euron Greyjoy brought for her. HBO are doing everything possible to ensure that they cap with a bang, this series that has captivated millions of viewers worldwide.

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