MTN Shortz


MTN Shortz is a platform empowering video content creators to showcase their work and earn from it. MTN Uganda customers will be able to access the content through daily channel subscription and streaming. ​

How to register as a content provider on MTN Shortz

Simply fill in the form in the link below and our aggregation partner, Content Connect Africa​, will get back to you. Click here to register​

How to stream on MTN Shortz

MTN Shortz is a variety of content directly on their mobile devices.The service is a mobile ONLY, short video (maximum 10 minutes) streaming service. It consists of channels belonging to different content owners, which users can access to view a variety of content. The service is available to all MTN Customers.

What is the Charge?

  • Subscription to a channel for 24 hours. A user can subscribe to more than one channel at a time.
  • Subscription price range per channel for 24 hours at: UGX 200 – UGX 1,000
  • Customers will use existing data bundle to stream MTN Shortz videos

How to subscribe and start watching MTNshortz:

  • Step1: On your mobile phone visit
  • Step 2: Select a Channel of your choice
  • Step 3: Subscribe to the channel
  • Step 4: Watch videos within the channel

Please see below the launch video: