Social Media King: I am Glad I Chose Digital Marketing Instead of What I Studied at Campus – Richard Ndagije

Latest News | 2021-07-22

The internet must be the greatest response to unemployment young people are exploiting. With the vast knowledge and resources available at a click away, young Ugandans are using the web to transform their lives, self teach and make a living.

This column on Social Media Kings/Queens is alive mainly because of that. To shine a light on these young people, celebrate their milestones and achievements and inspire some out there that have similar passion.

Richard Ndagije, our King today is a Digital Executive at Next Media Services. He works in the News Room. He studied a Bachelors of Information Systems at Makerere University but his passion to understand the digital marketing space and marketing in general inspired him to pursue different short courses in Digital Marketing and his since completed courses with the BBC, Hubspot, and Google.

“I chose Digital Marketing as my career path. I started all this Digital Marketing thing sometime back in 2017 as an influencer after I realized that Uganda was in a Digital evolution and I never wanted to be left behind. I chose to position myself in that direction.” Ndagije said in an interview with MTN Pulse.

He credits the digital marketing space for introducing him to very many people who have had a gainful impact on his personal growth and in the field.

The young king has actually taken a different path from what he studied at university and he is having a time of his life. Proving once again, that the happiness is where your passion lies.

“I’m glad to say that I chose Digital Marketing as a career path instead of what I studied and I’m enjoying this path. I’m at point of life where I’m totally independent. Through my earning in this avenue I have been able to take care of my family.” He added.

If you are able to care of yourself and can take care of your family as well, at such a young age, then you’re on the path that your parents envisioned when they were running you through school for an education. Don’t you think? Where will he be at the peak of his career?

Ndagije advises young people to keep up with the trends and technologies in order to survive in this eat or be eaten career path.

“The Digital Marketing world is quite a tricky one since it keeps changing and on a high speed. As a person in this industry you also need to keep up with changing technologies and keep learning and re-learning things.” He advised.

He further advises all the young people that would want to join the digital marketing industry, to stride patiently and be open to learning. According to him, ‘you don’t know things until you learn them.’ He implores them to take up intern opportunities when they come up and do as many short courses in Digital Marketing as possible to equip themselves on the sector.

On Facebook he is Ndagije Richie, Instagram he is @ndagijerichie and his Twitter is @ndagijerichie. Connect with him on social media and continue the conversation using our MTN Pulse data bundles specially tailored for you. Download the Pulse Nation app to have a complete experience with games, discounts on shopping, data bundles and more.

“I would like thank all the people who introduced me to Digital Marketing. Guys like Paul Webs who gave me my first ever gig in 2017, Danze Edwin and Dorah Atwogire for the continued mentorship. Not to forget People like Jerry Ainebyona, Robert Ithilebu, Victor Ollo, Rukundo Brenda to mention but a few for the endless support.” He concluded.

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