Social Media King: Sage Buyers’ CEO Stanley Ssempijja Plans for Every Ugandan to Own an iPhone

Latest News | 2021-02-04

For many pulsers, owning an iPhone seems to be such a great deal because they get to appear as ‘cool’ people among their peers who get to tweet with the stamp “Twitter for iPhone” and they also get to take nice pictures because of the phone cameras but this is not Stan.

Stanley Sempijja is a 24 year old graduate of Pharmacy and also the CEO of Sage Buyers- an authentic shop for Apple products including iPhones. He became popular on twitter in 2018 when he got into a tweet exchange with Sheila Gashumba showing her how he had the capacity to buy six of the iPhones she was showing off.

Since then, Stan and his brand Sage buyers have become very popular online. His personal account on Twitter now has 39.6K followers and his business brand has 8,952 followers.

“The journey has been such a roller coaster with too many highs like meeting a lot of interesting and high value clients, hence enhancing my social capital and lots of lows like making abnormal losses,” Stan said about his journey.

With being popular on social media, one might think that Stan is a very outgoing person. However he is very grounded and prefers to keep to himself most of the time reading a book, going to the gym or having an adventure.

Aside from his business, Stan is a Pharmacist who awaits his practicing license. He hopes to put both his business skill set and knowledge skill set from class to eventually become Uganda’s youngest billionaire- a dream he has had since he was a child and he believes he will soon achieve.

Stan is also a big time dreamer who hopes that every Ugandan will eventually own an iPhone. It might seem crazy but he seems to be on the long road to achieving that dream. Buy yourself a pulse data bundle by dialing *157#, and follow Stan on his social media to see how he achieves this dream through social media.

Twitter: @Ssempijjastanle

Instagram: @stan_ssemps




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