Facebook is still the most used social media platform in Uganda, regardless of the fast growth of Instagram, and the cult-ish users of Twitter. In light of that, for one to term themselves as an influencer in Uganda, it is only realistic if they command a huge audience on Zuckerbag’s app. Abdul Sempijja aka Omudilibada, is a new force to reckon with in the micro-blogging world.

Speaking of Ugandan Facebook, the biggest names you’d think of in a conversation about influencers would be diaspora-based Peng Peng, Kakensa Media and Ritah Kaggwa, who are all not in the same age bracket with Abdul and are technically not youths in a millennial’s point of view. At just 25, and in just 2 years on Facebook, the young man has made a name for himself, and many events promoters, musicians and filmmakers gladly pay for his services.

An avid supporter of Bebe Cool’s Gagamel Record Label, Mr. Sampijja doesn’t mix emotions with business, and is seen often posting about camps that are clearly rival to his favorite.

Omudilibada, which is a nickname his friends prefer to address him by, always reaches out to Ugandans to follow him “For breaking news, jokes, sensitization, motivation, promotion and marketing”; which he – face facts – delivers pretty decently.

Admittedly, it is not easy for a millennial to break through on that app, but with MTN’s affordable Pulse bundles, you too can make a living off social media like the flamboyant Abdul.

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