Social Media Kings: Adrian Mwesiga as He Talks Social Media And Its Challenges


Adrian Mwesiga is a Pulser and everyday man on social media. He joined the platforms as early as 2009 and says the journey has been fast but he cherishes every milestone like it happened yesterday.

You may have met him on events in influencer circles but what you may not know is that Mwesiga is a rapper. Going by the alias of “Lyrical Assassin”, he has been doing his thing since 2008 during his high school days.

“Rap has been my thing. I listened to so many stories of prominent rappers and I became a fan. While at an Interact Club function in high school, I took a mic and dropped a couple of bars. My peers loved it and I have never looked back.” Said Adrian. His crew, HLGC (Hustle Line Grand Cobs) was formed almost immediately after and their first track was called ‘Twister’. The crew has since re branded to TGA (The Grand Anthems).

Mwesiga currently works and manages Mushroom Inc, an online publication that was started by his brother in 2013. “He saw the passion I had for social media and let me run it for him as an editor.”

He believes he has alot to give back to the community from his experience on social media. It is from that background that he dreams of starting an Online School where he will inspire the new generations regarding social media policies, usage and making sure everything lies within the pipeline of a better digital environment.

His biggest challenges so far? “Those are many! Having no car is disastrous. Then clients who want you to work but hardly pay on time or sometimes never pay also demotivate us. But my greatest fear is Kifeesi. You know we carry our offices along with us sometimes, so when my laptop is stolen, almost the entire office goes along with the thief.”

Mwesiga is an MTN influencer too. He says one of the greatest things to ever happen to him is being part of the MTN Family. “I have learnt alot about the Telecom industry, networked alot and made very many acquaintances.”

“I have heard about the forthcoming MTN Pulse Rap battles. I don’t know if I will be eligible to contest since I am part of the MTN family but I can’t wait. There is alot of rap talent in this country and a platform to display it is what some of us have been yearning to get. So thank you MTN Pulse.”