If you don’t know this MUBS dude from the floral shirts saga on Twitter where he was accused of sharing clothes with a friend and it turned out that they had bought similar shirts, you know him from another saga involving the chic in the Bosco ad.
After watching one of the best adverts to grace modern television in Uganda, someone went to Twitter and sought to know about the whereabouts of the girl on the supermarket counter. Out of nowhere, Jim came in and assured the man that she’s taken – consequently attaching a photo of himself and the girl. Ouchh!
Ampumuza James Bridge is a model and digital influencer studying BBA at Makerere University Business School (MUBS). He is so passionate about what he does online that he can take a full day engaging his followers about a campaign he is on be it Bata Shoes or Evoke Night where he is part of their online team.
Nearly at 8K followers on Instagram, @jim_the_japher is sure he is among the first Pulsers in Uganda.
“I am among the first pulsers in Uganda and you should believe me when I say that I don’t actually have to spend a lot of money on data to go on with my gigs because of Pulse” he said.
“Most people think it is hard to stay online. They wonder how much data it requires but I always laugh whenever they ask me that. Should I add that I laugh in MTN Pulse?” he added. The only time an interviewee has made me laugh mid-interview. Usually, I am a no-nonsense interviewer.
He credits the social media site Instagram for giving him exposure and to some level, upkeep that has run him through his course in a very expensive Nakawa environment.
In the near future, Jim sees himself as a media executive in a top marketing firm in Uganda and he credits that to social media.
I have never asked this question, but let me ask it today because this interview inspired me.
What are you using your social media for? Lugambo, like the president alleges? I hope you’re inspired too today. Make money moves online, you never know where it will lead you and you do not need much aside from a pulse bundle.

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